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The Czech Modern from Private Collections
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The exhibition presents work by six “star” representatives among the originators of modern art: František Kupka, Emil Filla, Antonín Procházka, Jan Zrzavý, František Foltýn, and Toyen. Together, and each in his or her own way, were significantly formative for the Czech and European modern and avant-garde in the first half of the 20th century.
From the turn of the century, Czech artists handily and convincingly responded to the coming and going of individual tendencies in art, in some cases even anticipating and helping to form these in the European and international context. Such was the role of František Kupka in relation to the origins of abstract painting. All of them endeavoured to grasp and build on the new approaches, and to develop them in their own original ways in active relationships with the centres of European art's development as well as conditions at home. Their work opened a new era in the history of modern civilization and culture, and defined the place and function of art in the democratic society of the inter-war Czechoslovak Republic.

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František Kupka: František Kupka (1912)
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Antonín Procházka: Landscape (1936)
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František Kupka: Le Jaillissement II. (1922 – 1923)
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Emil Filla: Head of Old Man (1914)
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Jan Zrzavý: Boats (1934)
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Toyen: Circus (1925)

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