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Marko Blažo: The Whole Human

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The monographic exhibition of Marko Blažo (1972 – 2021) attempts to put this exceptional artist's extensive, even holistically complex work into a minimalist functionalist container.

The exhibition does not follow a chronological order but instead it is formed by the self-movement of the artist's recurring motifs, aware of their associativeness and layering, within which everything is related to everything and "anything can be stretched on anything". It is two exhibitions in one: in the "Cabinet of Drawings", we present mainly daily "working" drawings and artist's concepts in a horizontal, quasi-labyrinthine plan. In the Bridge, we feature more monumental realisations and surviving installations, including a black box with an immersive penetration into Marko Blažo's head/work computer.

The oeuvre of Košice artist Marko Blažo, which has unexpectedly been left deserted, belongs to the most original and consistent of his generation. After receiving graphic training at the ŠUP in Košice, Blažo studied in the early 1990S at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in Rudolf Sikora's quasi-free-running "open studio". In the decade following the Velvet Revolution, when society was still curious about new forms of art and the creativity of young people was clearly stimulated, Blažo's presentations (e.g. chewing gum "paintings" or various surreal objects and situational "game" installations) were immediately recognised for their distinctive poetics. It was a rich, romantic, yet essentially melancholic world.

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Marko Blažo: (1999)
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Marko Blažo: (2003)
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Marko Blažo: (2010)
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Marko Blažo: (2008)

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