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SNG won CE ZA AR 2023 in the category Phenomena of Architecture and received the award Patron of Architecture

Uverejnené dňa 9. October 2023
"It is said that every film finds its festival, and we are glad that it is CE ZA AR, which under leadership of the Slovak Chamber of Architects has, over the years, become a renowned institution and a clear patron of architecture. Thank you also for this year's Pavilion – it was an experience – and for the very professional and human cooperation," says Alexandra Kusá, SNG General Director.

We thank the Slovak Chamber of Architects for not allowing our efforts and approach to honest architecture go unnoticed, and the jury of CE ZA AR for the award Phenomena of Architecture. We appreciate this award very much and see it as an opportunity to reflect on our achievements.

Our primary role is to celebrate the arts, which deserve to be presented within quality spaces. SNG has now received three nominations for CE ZA AR. The first in 2012 for the summer pavilion in the SNG courtyard, the second in 2016 for the interior of the entrance hall at Zvolen Castle, and now for the reconstruction and completion of the SNG.

State institutions know how to set standards, whether in the quality of execution or in the selection of transparent processes concerning architectural competitions, and nowadays these are becoming common practice in the public sector.


Martin Jančok and Aleš Šedivec for the summer pavilion (2012)

HMCyRGLkKSvZphw9FTV8A1gMLUkOQAVDpNjX09Fk.jpgStanislav Bachleda and Alan Krajčír for the entrance to Zvolen Castle (2016)

YE1pPJrAhvG8zY8kASFPTLGstuYtVF6c45snWp3b.jpgMartin Kusý and Pavol Paňák for the SNG reconstruction. Photo: Matej Hakár

Slovak National Gallery

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